Development of the quiet garden

Eco Council have been working with Megan, a LUSU volunteer over the past 5 weeks to plan, design and plant up our quiet garden. 

Last summer we removed all the stones from this garden and laid some new turf. Unfortunately the very hot weather which followed killed off some of this new grass and meant that we couldn’t do any more work on it until the grass began to recover.

Megan asked Eco Councillors to choose some plants and shrubs that they felt would help to make the garden look colourful as well as attractive to insects and wildlife. With the help of Lancaster University, Megan was able to purchase a new flowering cherry tree, a lilac bush, a lavender plant, some tulip bulbs and various seeds such as sweet pea, cornflower, poppies and snapdragons.

ben digging

Eco Councillors and Gardening Club set to work in sowing the seeds and planting out the shrubs. We are very grateful to Megan for all her help and enthusiasm. We will keep putting up photographs as the garden begins to bloom! 

megan planting

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