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Blooming lovely!

Eco Council members headed out in the sunshine (and wearing their red nose day clothes) for a photo with the bulbs they planted last October. They have been busy measuring the rainfall, temperature and growth of the bulbs over the past few months so it was nice to take a photo of the flowers before they fade.

Daffodils in bloom!

We also checked out the pond whilst we were out in the garden. We could see newts, some frog spawn and the pond plants are growing really well.

Eco Council looking at the pond


Science Investigation

Eco Council is delighted to be taking part in this years ‘Spring Bulb Planting’ investigation, along with hundreds of other schools across England, Scotland and Wales. We have planted daffodil bulbs in pots and in the ground and over the next few months we will be monitoring and measuring their growth. We will also be measuring rainfall and temperature each week and submitting the data to a central office to see how temperature, position and rainfall affects the growth of spring bulbs across the country. We chose a lovely sunny day to start the investigation.


Ready to start planting!

Ready to start planting!







Busy potting!

Contemplating what to do next!

Contemplating what to do next!

All done!

All done!








A great job Eco Council!

We also planted the crocus bulbs donated to school by the Rotary Club. These are part of their End Polio Now campaign. We are looking forward to seeing them bloom in the spring.

That's 200 crocus bulbs planted!

That’s 200 crocus bulbs planted!

Big Birdwatch 2016

To support the RSPB our Eco Council members undertook the Big Garden Birdwatch.


It was a very cold day but we wrapped up warm and braved the elements.IMG_0211


We were very impressed with the number and range of birds that we spotted around school in just 1 hour.




We used bird identification sheets to help tally the birds we saw.

We used bird identification sheets to help tally the birds we saw.

These are the range of birds we found.

These are the range of birds we found.

The Eco Council are active in encouraging birds into the school grounds, through providing bird food and spaces for birds to nest.


We watched for birds in our new Forest Schools corner.

We watched for birds in our new Forest Schools corner.

Feed Me!

Members of the Eco Council worked hard to re-design and make our recycling boxes for stamps and computer cartridges. They completed this work at lunchtimes, working in The Hive with Mrs Herbert. I’m sure you’ll agree their hard work has paid off. 

Two brand new recycling boxes.

Two brand new recycling boxes.

So make sure you don’t throw any stamps or computer cartridges in the bin – send them in and feed our recycling boxes!


Eco Council Members have been hard at work researching what kinds of plant we should be looking to plant in and around our pond. Three of the members who had undertaken this research visited Ashton Hall Garden Centre and purchased a few plants to get us started. These included a water lily, water hawthorn and some pond weed. They are pictured below with our plants.

We seem to have two very hungry newts living in the pond who we think may have eaten the frogspawn we put in there earlier in the Spring.

We have made our selection

We have made our selection

Ready to pay.

Ready to pay.


I spy with my little eye...

I spy with my little eye…

Last Friday afternoon, 30th January, in lovely, crisp Winter sunshine, members of the Eco Council undertook part one of our RSPB Bird Watch.  Between 1 and 2 pm they saw:

12 blackbirds, 3 robins, 4 seagulls, 2 pied wagtails, 8 jackdaws, song thrushes, 1 dunnock, 2 goldfinches, 3 sparrows and 5 blue tits.

We are planning another hour later this week.IMG_0834 IMG_0835


Eco Council Meeting

Our Eco Council is getting into it’s stride as they prepare new rotas for bird feeding, composting, battery recycling and the forthcoming bird watch. See below for some of the tasks they are carrying out:


Mrs Thomas has arranged for the correct collection of recycled materials from school. This will be for paper, card, glass, plastic and cans. Each class rep should now make sure they have a paper recycling box or bin clearly marked in their classroom and tell the teacher that this needs to be done again.


Daniel and Thea are doing this but say that roly poly pig is broken. Mrs Thomas will have a look at it next Monday.

Battery recycling

The number of batteries being recycled has gone down a lot. This might be because people are taking them to other recycling points or that there are more rechargeable batteries being used. All Eco Council reps need to start encouraging their class to start brining batteries in again. Ben and Amy to make posters.


The bags will arrive in school on Monday 23rd February and all Councillors will need to help tell everyone about the collection. The bags will be collected on 20th March

Bird feeders

KS2 Councillors must make sure they fill the bird feeders every other day especially as the bird watch is coming soon. The rota will be Ben and Catherine this week, Daniel and Thea, Olivia and Fred then Ben and Amy.

Eco Councillors

We have an Eco Council in school made up of representatives from each class from Year 1 upwards to help drive our work on improving our environment, improving our sustainability and thinking of our impact on the world. We always have a great response with many children putting themselves forward to be Eco Councillors. 

Voting has taken place and each class now has new councillors in place.